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Stump Removal

Stump Removal and Stump Grinding

Have you cut down a tree in the past and left the stump in place? Perhaps the previous owner of your property did this and you now have an ugly eyesore you are unable to deal with…

We are industry leaders when it comes to prompt and fuss-free stump removal.

An alternative to stump removal is stump grinding. Whether you have a single stump or a large collection, we will grind it up and leave your garden looking divine. Sure, you could rent a stump grinder but why not let the professionals sort it out?

If you’re looking for a stump removal service in Minneapolis our professionals have you covered. How unfortunate it is to cut down a tree and see only the stump and the surface roots … Perhaps you will decide to keep them? But after a short time, they will be cumbersome or they will steal the attraction to your land. The alternative is to carry out stumping and grubbing (removal of tree stump) which give the chance to free and level this space to benefit your layout, for envy of well-being or protection.

Why use a stump and grubbing service (removal of tree stumps)?

The purpose of a stump / grubbing service (removal of tree stumps) is to wipe out what remains of the stump and the surface roots with a stump remover to make chips, to thwart a random regrowth. As for underground roots, they will decompose slowly. The grubbing reduces the backlash here because the activity is limited to a specific area, unlike the tearing that would kill everything. Except that, as in many trades, this work requires extreme attention to avoid incidents to others, damage to the field and those nearby. The solution is to refer to Minneapolis Tree Removal, professionals in this sector of activity.

At Minneapolis Tree Removal located in Minneapolis MN, we have extensive experience in stump removal and grubbing (tree stump removal) and our experts know all the techniques leading to remarkable outcomes. We offer partial or complete grubbing, according to your needs.

 Drying and grubbing service (removal of tree stumps): Here is how we prepare the extraction of stumps:

Trimming technique – much less expensive: This technique is quite appreciated because it is the least expensive of all and it is used to mechanically devastate the remaining strains. When we start eradicating before removing the trunk, we remove a larger amount of roots with the stump. According to our different stumpers, it is feasible to trim between 20 and 100 cm deep and have access to everything, even in very small places. As soon as our activity is completed, the ground reveals a united surface, perfect and easy for the maintenance. This method is efficient, respectful of the environment and is the most advantageous.

Other techniques for stump removal and grubbing (tree stump removal) exist, but they are more complex, destructive and costly:

  • Manual sanding: shovel, heel pliers and pulls
  • Mechanized sanding: winch or pusher
  • Core cleaning

The trimming technique used by Minneapolis Tree Removal is the most efficient and economical way to perform stump / grub removal (tree stump removal) in Minneapolis, Saint Paul and the nearby Twin Cities metro area. You will find tree care excellence at Minneapolis Tree Removal: Responsible company, qualified specialists, state-of-the-art equipment, personalized service, absolute quality, satisfaction guaranteed. Mastering expertise in stump / grubbing (removal of tree stump), it’s us!

Free estimate on our service of stump and grubbing (removal of tree stump) in Minneapolis, Saint Paul and the nearby Twin Cities metro area

When you are looking for a stump and grubbing service (tree stump removal), do not waste your time! We are here to offer you quality work. Your land will be in good hands because we have the mastery of excellence for the execution of your work. Take a few moments and contact us without delay at (763) 710-2050 to request a free quote on your stump removal and grubbing project (removal of tree stump).

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