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Tree Trimming

Do you have trees in your yard that are edging closer to the house or utility lines?

If so, make sure that they are properly trimmed back. Prevent any damage before it happens. Take action before it’s too late.

The limbs of your trees can become withered, diseased or even dead. We remove these to protect the overall health and structure of your precious tree.

The key to tree trimming is being proactive. If you want a safe and symmetrical look to your greenery, adequate maintenance is essential.

There are many elements to our tree trimming service starting off with an honest assessment then moving to a personalized tree cleanup…

Complete tree trimming maintenance and pruning includes a set of operations that may include, depending on the case, different techniques including remediation pruning, crown enhancement, thinning, rebalancing of the antler, restructuring and clearing of structures and work areas.

Achieved both for aesthetic reasons and to maintain the health much like lawn mowing, tree trimming includes cutting branches, dead branches, sick, weak or broken and snags. It is a preventive measure that aims to strengthen the tree, to shape it, to lighten its antler, or to produce quality timber without knots. All by extending his life expectancy.

Depending on the species, Minneapolis Tree Removal will be able to plan a tree trimming and pruning that will respect the development and the particular properties of each tree.

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